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Happy Valentines Day     February 14 - HD Video

For our alone time tonight, I put on a pair of beige ffstockings, purple garters and red strappy heels. After a little teasing, I know you want to get on your knees and caress my long legs and suck on these nylon covered toes.
And then you want my long legs up in the air as you sniff and lick my feet in our moments of ecstacy. Mmmm, pussy is so wet for your now. I am on the floor with my feet in the air for you as I slide my black glamour vibrator into my pussy and cum all over it. Is your cock nice and hard now... Stroke & Wank it and let's cum together! more

Pantyhose, Heels & Your Hot Pix     HD Video

Some of my Sexy Members have been with me for a very long time and to show you my appreciation, I printed some of Your Hot Pix and spent the afternoon getting horny and wet over You. I started out wearing a pair of pantyhose and a pair of 6" platform heels and slowly crossed and uncrossed my legs. Looking at you and having the pantyhose rub against my pussy was very erotic and I ran my finger along my pantyhose covered pussy. My nipples were nice and hard and I rubbed and caressed them then ended up naked on the sofa with my personal vibrator. I rubbed my pussy and clit with the little pink toy until I had an awesome cum more

Luxe Pantyhose & Satin Panties     HD Video & 60 Photos

A pair of Wolford Luxe Pantyhose over Joe Boxer satin panties and high heels for you today, Sexy. After teasing you with my pantyhose covered legs and butt, I slide my hand down inside my satin panties and finger my wet pussy. Your cock is so hard now and you fuck me in my panties right there on the floor. The panties slide along your cock as you fuck me and you explode & shoot your hot creamy load of cum all over my panties and pussy, mmmm. more

Lingerie, Stockings, Heels & Cum     HD Video

I received the delicious Desire Bustier by Jezebel and the fit is absolutely perfect. Any girl loves to be pampered with new lingerie no matter what the special occasion or when. I love showing off in the lingerie you send to me, Sexy. The bustier is perfect to wear with some of my fav RHT stockings and a pair of open toe pumps. Cum a little closer and let me know how long it would take your tongue to lick it's way up my legs to my thong panties where I know you would spend some time so I could enjoy your warm wet mouth on my pussy. I am so wet for you right now and I finger fuck myself until I cum. Then I get some of hubby's cock and he sprinkles his cum all over my hairy bush. I know you have your cock in your hand, Sexy, so Stroke & Wank it and let's cum together! more

Trasparenze Canada Pantyhose      HD Video

When I go to Cancun, I make sure to take along some of my sexy pantyhose to wear for you. It is raining today so it is a perfect time to wear my new pair of Trasparenze Canada Pantyhose I received from one of my awesome members (Thank You, Sexy!) Watch me walk out onto the balcony where I give you a really good look at those seams that go all the way up my long legs, and the ink well motif at the ankle. I rub my pussy through the gusset and then pull the top down on my dress and play with my nipples. I finger my wet pussy inside my pantyhose before I take them off and finger fuck myself until I cum. I would love for you and your thick long cock to be here with me, Sexy, then you could fuck me in my pantyhose and shoot your load all over, mmmm more

Sexy Red CFM Dress     60 photos

You are such a romantic and spoil me with lingerie gifts and high heels. I wore this sexy red cum fuck me dress just for you. And to make our hot night in Mexico even hotter, I wore a pair of your panties so I could take them off...for you ;o) I lift up my dress and slowly slide the panties down my long legs to my feet. I know you want to fuck me in my dress right there up against the wall. It is hot and I am wet and tease you on the bed with rose petals on my naked pussy. Do you have your long hard cock in your hand, more

Hot Blonde In RHT Stockings & Heels     65 photos

You enjoy stockings on these long legs anytime, anywhere and, Hunny, I feel the same. I am ready to heat up your evening and show off my legs in a pair of Dita Von Teese RHT Stockings with my purple garters & silver strappy heels. I cross my legs for you and give you a nice look up my legs to see no panties on under this dress ;o) After my dress comes off, I cannot wait to feel you hands slide up my nylon clad legs and caress my bare ass before you gently slide that hard cock into my wet pussy and fuck me doggy style right here on the table. I am so wet and ready for you and I can tell from that bulge in your jeans you are ready too. Pull that cock out, more


Wolfords & Satin Panties     60 photos

You know I love putting on a leg tease for you, especially with my legs wrapped in a pair of Wolford Logic15 Pantyhose with no waistband. And for you satin panty lovers, I give you some upskirt peeks and then some really nice closeups of my new Joe Boxer bikini panties I am wearing under my pantyhose. You cannot wait to get my pantyhose off and caress my satin panty covered butt ;o) Then you want to slide them down my legs and off my feet and wrap that delicious satin morsel around your hard cock. I am wet and ready to finger fuck myself just thinking about your cock inside my panties more

Yard Work In Pantyhose & Heels     HD Video

I know you like to watch me...I always see you peeking out your window when I go outside. So today I am going to tease you while doing the fall yard work in Pantyhose & Heels. I rake the leaves and show you my ass as the handle finds it's way up under my skirt and slides along the cotton gusset. You are such a dirty boy for watching me...your cock is probably out of your jeans and in your hand. I play with my tits and take off my skirt and sweater and then sit on the lounge where I find my Cleopatra glass dildo. I slide it down into my pantyhose and then into my wet pussy. I fuck myself with it until I cum...are YOU ready more


Date Night In Stockings & Heels      HD Video

Tonight was supposed to be our date night and instead of having some Hot Passionate Sex with me, you have to work. To show you what you missed, I got out the camera and am sending you this video to watch at work. I cross my stocking clad legs and give you a good look up my short sexy blue dress to see I am not wearing any panties for you. I rub my pussy and pull down the top of my dress and play with my nipples. Off comes the dress and I get down on the floor and the marble vibrator finds it's way into my ass. My pussy is wet & ready and the double headed dildo slides in my pussy like it was silk ;o)~ I am so horny now and I fuck myself until I have a toe curling cum more

Dressed For Dinner     60 photos

I am all dressed for dinner in my short black skirt, copper coloured ffstockings, garters and open toe pumps and just waiting for your to get out of the shower. You always love me wearing stockings and garters when we go out and I know your cock grows with anticipation as you wonder whether I am wearing panties or not*evil grin* Just thinking of your hands and fingers slowly sliding up my stocking clad legs to find no panties, just a wet juicy pussy for you to slide your fingers into, is making my clit twitch, mmmm. I want to save your delicious cock for later so I grab my pink marble vibrator and slide it into my pussy and fuck myself until I cum. Who says a girl can't have dessert before AND after dinner more

Flashing In The Park      60 photos - HD Video

A slow walk through the park on a quiet Sunday afternoon in a pair of Dita Von Teese RHT stockings, strappy heels and a very short dress. I have to be careful that no one is looking when I lift my dress and show you my stocking tops...especially after taking my panties off ;o) I love teasing the pants right off of your sexy self so you are ready to masturbate with me...any time, any where ;o)~ Stroke & wank your cock and let's cum together, more

Stockings, Garters, & Finger Masturbation      85 photos - HD Video

The day started out to be awesome and when the video camera came out, well, the skies opened up and it poured rain. You can hear how loud it is on my covered deck as I tease you in a pair of Dita von Teese RHT stockings, garters, open-toe pumps and my tight blue spandex dress. The dress hugs all my curves and my legs look even hotter in these sexy nylons and pumps. I cross and uncross my legs for you so you can see that I am not wearing any panties ;o) I play with my nipples and that gets my pussy wet and I finger fuck myself until I cum. I know that bulge in your jeans has been growing while watching me...time for you to stroke it & wank it and let's cum together, Sexy~ more

Silky Pantyhose, Slides & Toe Ring     65 photos

These Pretty Polly pantyhose are so silky soft on my long legs, just like your hands would feel if they were here caressing them, and you could watch as I dangle the slide off the end of my toe for you ;o)~ The reinforced toe is transparent and you can see my painted toenails and my toe ring through them and the scalloped panty fits my ass nicely. All this teasing you with pantyhose covered ass and feet is getting my pussy wet and I pull my pantyhose down just enough so I can slide my finger in. Is your hard cock in your hand right now, Sexy? Mmmm, hope so, so you can Stroke & Wank it as you watch me get naked and finger fuck myself until I cum with you more

DIM Pantyhose & Blue Sling Back Heels     75 photos

DIM pantyhose are so silky smooth and have a very nice shine and look great on my legs ;o) My new chartreuese coloured dress slides up my legs and over my pantyhose covered butt like they were made of silk, even on a hot day like today. Home for the evening, it's time to strip down to just the bare necessities and heels and enjoy the cool air as I play with my nipples and slide my finger into my warm, wet pussy & play with my clit until I cum. Don't you just love the taste of pussy juices on your fingers? Just the thought of my juices on your fingers is making your cock grow in your jeans more


Stockings, Garters, & Smartphone     85 photos

My new phone has arrived and now I have to learn how to use it. Best way to start is by taking some of my own pics and sending them off to you along with some hot notes 'cause I am learning how to do 'sexting' too ;o) And to send you some hot pussy pics, I did not see the need to wear any panties under my dress, and I put on some of your favorite RHT stockings to tease you in. The pics turned out better than I thought... could be the start of something fun for us to do, Sexy?? Pull out that hard throbbing cock more

Open Crotch Pantyhose     50 photos - HD Video

What better to wear under a yellow sundress with open toe pumps but a pair of open crotch pantyhose. The store bought ones are not quite right so I made a pair for myself...just for you ;o)
Watch my meaty pussy as it pushes it's way through the cut out yummy and delicious and ready for you to eat, mmmm, I would love that. I am so wet for you and you can hear my juices as I finger fuck myself until I cum all over my finger. It tastes so good and I know you would love to taste it too more

Outdoor Sex In FFStockings & Heels     50 photos - HD Video

FFStockings under a very short red dress is better without panties and I show you exactly what I am talking about while you are lounging out in the sun. I caress my legs, dangle my shoe and give you a nice look up my dress. I rub my wet pussy then pull down the top of my dress and play with my tits and pull on my nipples, mmmm, gets me even wetter. Your cock is huge and throbbing now and you cum up behind me and slide your delicious cock into my pussy. You fuck me slow and you fuck me fast and then you shoot your hot creamy jism all up my ass and onto my purple garter more

Hot4U in Pantyhose & Lingerie     60 photos

Another hot summer day, but never too warm to wear pantyhose with a bra, panties and heels. I sat out on one of the chairs to have a cool drink and wouldn't you know it, the damn thing snagged my pantyhose and put a hole in the French Lace panty. That's okay 'cause the HUE pantyhose are going to come off anyway so you can get a good look at my butt in my thong panties ;o) I know you want to slide your finger in that tear and rip them open, right?...I know I want you too ;o)~ Then you could help me out of these panties and masturbate with me right here in the back yard and shoot your load all over as you finger my wet pussy more


Passion For Pantyhose & Heels     60 photos

Yes, I am a lover of pantyhose and my fav for most days are these DIM sublim French cut panty pantyhose. And let's not forget my passion for beautiful & sexy could say I am the Mistress of Shoes and love to wear them when you fuck me too;o)~ But you know I would never forget to show you my feet covered in pantyhose with a reinforced toe to get you in the mood for some hot toe sucking action ;o)~ My clit is throbbing just thinking about it and after my pantyhose comes off, I slide my finger into my wet pussy and have an awesome cum. Are you ready to cum too more

Horny Outdoor Stocking Tease     60 Photos

I wanted you to see my delicious Elegance ffstockings and Elle Macpherson panties with matching garters. You can see how nice and shiny these stockings are on my legs...the ones that make your cock grow in your jeans ;o)~ You are thinking to yourself that it is pretty risky getting naked outside. Definitely, but that's what makes it so fucking hot...and me wet. I squat down onto my heels and slide my finger into my very wet pussy. Then I cum all over my finger and it tastes so good, mmmm more

Chantelle Lingerie & Pantyhose     60 Photos

Under my raincoat I am wearing only my HUE pantyhose with my new Chantelle bra and panties I received from one of my awesome members! The sun was trying to shine and the rain was trying to ruin the day, but I took the opportunity to give you a leg and panty show on the steps. After stripping down to just my bra and panties, I encourage you to join me in the back yard where I take out my Cirque glass dildo and slide it into my wet pussy. The feeling of this glass dildo is ultra-orgasmic and it's smooth blue bumps enhances my cum...just like your cock would. Is your cock hard more


FF Stockings, Slides & Panty Sniffing     65 Photos

Thank you for these Elegance Euro Heel FFStockings in a copper colour from Secrets In Lace, Sweetie. The silky nylon feels wonderful on my legs and wearing a pair of slides does not hide the Euro style heel from view ;o) I know you want to run your hands up and down my nylon clad legs and slide those fingers under my panties and into my warm wet pussy. Let me pull these panties aside so you can watch me finger fuck my wet pussy cause I am so fucking horny for you. I want you to get on the floor and fuck me as I sniff my panties. Ooooh, your cock is starting to throb more

Little Red Dress, Pantyhose, Sex     60 photos - HD Video

My home has been a construction zone for too long and I want to entice my man into fixing that. So I put on my new little red dress, DIM pantyhose and open-toe pumps and lured him into the livingroom with a little tease in front of the fireplace. I give him quite the leg show before and after I strip out of my dress and then I pull down my pantyhose and finger my pussy. Then I grab and stroke his cock and rub my pussy with it and fuck him until he shoots his hot creamy load more

Panty Wash Day    60 Photos
I love panties, even when it's time to wash those delicate little pieces. Not only do they feel good against my pussy when I wear them, but when I smell them and feel the lace and silk against my face, it gets my pussy wet. I strip out of my sheer suntan coloured pantyhose & top. Then I get down on the floor and finger my pussy inside my panties. I get my red flower glass dildo, slide it into my pussy and rub my clit with my pink panties until I cum. Grab your panties and cock, Sweetie, and stroke & wank it until we cum together!


Glamour RHT's & Mon Cherry Glass Dildo    70 photos
A pair of Dita Glamour RHT's from Secrets In Lace and a pair of black open-toe pumps to start the evening off right. I love the feel of real nylon on my legs and I know you love it too! What would feel even better on my legs are your hands. You get down on your knees and slide them up and down my legs, stopping at the top of the welt and your fingers slowly find their way up to my pussy. You never know if I will make you work to get to that wet pussy and wear panties under my girdle or not. Well, today is your lucky day, Sweetie, 'cause there are no panties on under this girdle ;o) Now that you are nice and hard, I want you to stroke and wank your cock as I slide my Mon Cherry glass dildo into my
pussy and fuck myself until I cum with you, mmmm.

Leg Show In Cancun      55 photos
The shorter and more revealing the dress a girl wears, the better. Especially at an adult resort in Cancun ;o) This little black dress was perfect for this evening's leg show before and after dinner. At the start of the evening I can be so prim and proper, but later I give you an upskirt peek at my panties on the swing and down the hall to our room things heat up even more. I lift my dress to reveal my panties and pull them down to my ankles and let you look at my pussy. Once in the room, I pull the panties off and start fingering myself. I had to stop and check out the band that started to play outside our room, of course, giving you some ass pics while at the patio door. Then it was back to having my kind of fun and I got down on the floor and finger fucked myself.  Are you ready to cum join me here, my sexy Lover?


Shiny Wolford Covered Legs      50 photos & HD Video
A hot summer leg tease in Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose and a pair of blue bamboo heels. I know you love looking at my long legs wrapped in shiny nylon as much as I love wearing them. As I show off my legs and butt and play with my tits, my pussy gets wetter and wetter. I know your cock is is getting harder as you fantasize that my legs are wrapped around you and I slide my hand down my pantyhose & play with my pussy. You can see how wet I am as I finger fuck myself hard until I cum.

Sex In The Back Yard     50 Photos & HD Video
It was a scorcher today so after work I went out to see if any watering needed to be done. It was so hot that before I knew it, I was stripping out of my dress and HUE seamless pantyhose down to the delicious set of Passionata bra and panties. I rub my tits and play with my pussy inside the thong of my panty. It was late in the afternoon and all the neighbours were home, but that did not stop me from getting down on my knees and having some doggy style sex right there in the back yard and taking a hot creamy load of cum on the back of my panties. I know you would like your cum there too, so stroke & wank your cock and shoot that load all the way up the back of my panties for me, Sweetie ;o)~


Cream My Ass With Your Jism     55 photos & HD Video
I am feeling horny for you today, lover, and put on a pair of your favorite ffnylons with the shortest of skirts and a pair of slingback heels...I want to watch that bulge in your pants grow. Now that your cock is rock hard, I want you to take me from behind and fuck me doggy style and shoot your hot jism all over my ass. And you will find NO panties on under this skirt so you can just slide that cock right in to my wet pussy after you bend me over right here on the bed. Are you UP for that, Sweetie, or would you rather you stroke and wank your own cock? ;o)~

FFNylons, Garters & Clear Slides     75 photos
I was invited to attend a wine tasting at a local estate winery and everyone was to dress up for the occasion. So I put on a pair of FFNylons with a purple & black garter and matching bra & panties under a black skirt and see-through blouse. I thought very classy and elegant for the occasion. Then it dawned on me, who wants to go to a wine tasting when you can have a little brandi at home ;o)~ So I stripped out of my skirt, blouse and panties and had a little 'Brandi' time ;o)~ Stroke & wank your cock and let's cum together, Sweetie!


Smoking In Princesse Tam*Tam & Slides     60 photos
Brandi was quite a bad girl on vacation in Cabo this year. I snuck one of hubby's cigarettes to enjoy out on the balcony while wearing nothing but a Princesse Tam*Tam bra and thong panty. I saw he was watching me and taking pics, so I put on a little show for all of you to enjoy ;o) Yes, my pussy was getting very wet and I pulled my panties off and slide my fingers deep inside until I had an awesome cum. Stroke & wank your cock and let's cum together, Sweetie!

Taken From Behind In My Princesse Tam*Tam Panties     HD Video
Today I am looking for a little afternoon delight and I tease you in my pink silk lingerie, yellow Princesse Tam*Tam thong panties and pink slides. I give you a leg and butt show and tell you to fuck me right here at the counter. I finger myself inside my panties and you can hear how nice and wet I am. While on the counter I pull my thong panties up my pussy and slide my fingers along the wet crotch...then I tell you to fuck me. After my panties are pulled aside, you slide your cock into my wet pussy and fuck me until you shoot your hot creamy load all over my ass. I slide my fingers into your cum and lick it off...mmmm, I love the taste of your cum ;o)